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Charms can improve the character stats with specific values. They can be crafted in the Magic Forge for a specific time value.

The crafted charms can be socketed into the equipment's charm slot to improve the following values​​:

  • Critical Bonus (Ruby)
  • Critical Chance (Amethyst)
  • Health (Emerald)
  • Gold Find (Topaz)
  • Gear Find (Diamond)
  • Material Find (Zircon)
  • Defense (Onyx)
  • Expertise (Sapphire)
  • Attack (Citrine)

Charm Types
Type Magic Rare Legendary
Ruby Ruby Magic Rare Legendary
Amethyst Amethyst Magic Rare Legendary
Emerald Emerald Magic Rare Legendary
Topaz Topaz Magic Rare Legendary
Diamond Diamond Magic Rare Legendary
Zircon Zircon Magic Rare Legendary
Onyx Onyx Magic Rare Legendary
Sapphire Sapphire Magic Rare Legendary
Citrine Citrine Magic Rare Legendary
Eye of Discovery Miscellaneous Charms Time Charm Crafting Times


  • Rare charm will give you a second bonus to your charm equal to 50% of the charm level while legendary charm will give a second bonus equal to 100 % of charm bonus.
  • Max rare charm chance is 30 % / Max legendary charm chance is 10 % by materials.