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The main way of obtaining any equipment is through dungeon runs or farming. The different gears come with different stats, abilities, as well bonus effects. The stats can be divided into 4 different categories: Attack, Expertise, Defense, and Balanced. Using the abilities are on the type of equipment that you have which includes the main weapon, offhand weapon, and armor will give you the skill boost.

Kingdom of Ellyria

Zone Magic Rare Legendary
 Wolf's End Magic Rare Legendary
 Black Rose Mire Magic Rare Legendary
 Felbridge Magic Rare Legendary
 Cemetery Hill Magic Rare Legendary
 Stormshard Mountains Magic Rare Legendary
 The Emerald Glades Magic Rare Legendary
 Castle Hocke Magic Rare Legendary

The Sleeping Lands

Zone Magic Rare Legendary
 Shazari Desert Magic Rare Legendary
 Valhaven Magic Rare Legendary


Type Magic Rare Legendary
 Events & Treasures Magic Rare Legendary


  • The higher percentage of gear find stat you have, it increases your chance of getting a new gear from killing monsters. make item farming an easier process. However it still to take time and luck before you finally acquire the gear you want.
  • By equipping more Diamonds (Gear Find Charms) and pets with passive bonus of Gear Find, you can increase your stat of Gear Finding percentage greatly.
  • The maximum Gear Find percentage you can reach is 360%.

External Links

  • Equipment Guide. (There are mistakes found on the outdated equipment list, particularly for the gears at wolf's end. Please cross reference with wiki or the actual game equipments to verify the info.)