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Value Information
Health Amount of damage you can take before you die
Attack Determines the amount of damge you deal with attacks
Expertise Determines the effectiveness of healing and status effects
Defense Reduces the amount of damage you take from monsters
Attack Speed Increases the speed of your basic melee and ranged attacks
Critical Chance Increases the chance of gaining a critical hit
Critical Power Increases the damage of your critical hits
Recovery Increases the amount of healing you receive
Movement Speed Increases how fast your character can run
Tenacity Reduces the duration of movement impairing effect
Gear Finding Increases the chance of finding new gear when you kill monsters
Material Find Increases the chance of finding materials when you kill monsters
Gold Find Increases the amount of gold dropped by monsters
XP Bonus Increases the amount of XP gained from monsters
Ice Slaying Increases the damage dealt to Ice elemental creatures
Fire Slaying Increases the damage dealt to Fire elemental creatures
Air Slaying Increases the damage dealt to Air elemental creatures
Earth Slaying Increases the damage dealt to Earth elemental creatures
Life Slaying Increases the damage dealt to Life elemental creatures
Dark Slaying Increases the damage dealt to Dark elemental creatures
Ice Protection Reduces the damage taken from Ice elemental creatures
Fire Protection Reduces the damage taken from Fire elemental creatures
Air Protection Reduces the damage taken from Air elemental creatures
Earth Protection Reduces the damage taken from Earth elemental creatures
Life Protection Reduces the damage taken from Life elemental creatures
Dark Protection Reduces the damage taken from Dark elemental creatures

Gear Values

Mainhand Offhand Helm Armor Gloves Boots
Paladin Weapons Shields Helms Armor Gloves Boots
Mage Staves Focuses Jewelry Robes Gloves Boots
Rogue Mainhands Offhands Hoods Sashes Gloves Boots
Attack Expertise Defense Balanced
Attack Expertise Defense Balanced
Gear Find Material Find Gold Find Speed
Gear Find Material Find Gold Find Speed
+10% Gear Finding +10% Material Finding +10% Gold Finding +2.3% Movement Speed

Ability Runes

Paladin Ability Runes

Cleave. Cleave +15% Cleave damage
Smash. Smash +15% Smash damage
Skewer.png Skewer +15% Skewer damage
Shiel Stun. Shield Stun Shield Stunds adds a stack of Ignite
Healing Touch Healing Touch +15% Healing Touch healing
Warcry Warcry +10% Warcry efectiveness
Sentinel Form Sentinel Form +5% Sentinel Form melee damage
Berserker Berserker +15% Berserker health regen
Empyrean Aura Empyrean Aura 5% Empyrean Aura Defense boost
Jump Slam Jump Slam +20% Jump Slam damage
Aura of Blessing Aura of Blessing +15% Aura of Blessing healing
Guardian Shield Guardian Shield +40% Guardian Shield damage
Defiance. Defiance +10% Defiance damage
Meteor Smash Meteor Smash Bonus damage per stack of ignite
Sanctum. Sanctum +7% Sanctum healing
Unstable Barrier Unstable Barrier +20% Unstable Barrier durability
Lightning Bomb Lightning Bomb +25% Lightning Bomb damage
Sacred Light Sacred Light +10% Sacred Light duration

Mage Ability Runes

Fire Blast Fire Blast Adds 2 Stacks of Burn to Fire Blast
Ice Lance Ice Lance Increase Defense during Ice Lance
Vine Strike Vine Strike %15 Vine Lance damage
Flame Wave Flame Wave +15% Flame Wave damage
Ice Nova Ice Nova Ice Nova Weakens targets
Poison Cloud. Poison Cloud +50% Poison Cloud DoT
Hailstone Embrace Hailstone Embrace +5% Hailstone Embrace damage
Draconic Draconic Soul +0.7 second Draconic Soul duration
4 Plague Batallion +6% Plague Batallion damage
Meteor Channel Meteor Channel +1 second Meteor duration
Call Guard Call Guard +5 second Call Guard duration
Hail Storm. Hail Storm +15% Hail Storm damage
Permafrost Clone Permafrost Clone Permafrost Clone dash Chils
Wildfire Wildfire +10% Wildfire damage
LOLO1IO11I1O Call the Horde +4% Call the Horde ghoul attack
Tundra Wyrm Tundra Wyrm +1 second Tundra Wyrm duration
Pyromania Pyromania +5% Pyromania damage
3 Bolster the Horde Bolster ghoul shots add 1% weaken

Rogue Ability Runes

Triple Strike Triple Strike +15% Triple Strike damage
Stun Strike Stun Strike +1 second Stun Strike duration
Poison Strike Poison Strike +25% Posion Strike DoT
Entanglement Entanglement +25% Entanglement base damage
Steel Whirlwind Steel Whirlwind +10% Steel Whirlwind damage
Weaken Weaken +15% Attack Speed reduction
Viper5 Charon's Blades +50% Charon's Blade damage
Shadow3. Shadow Step +15% Shadow Step damage
Soulthief3. Ghost Blade +5% Ghost Blade attack leech
Hawk Strike Hawk Strike +10% Hawk Strike damage
Slapdash Decoy Slapdash Decoy +10% Decoy poison damage
Armor Breaker Armor Breaker Armor Breaker reduces speed
Viper3. Mist Walk Mist Walk adds 3 stacks of Bleed
Shadow1. Midnight Shroud 10% Shadow Armor defense
Soulthief1. Carnifex 7% Carnifex damage
Viper4 Crimson Butterfly +15% Crimson Butterfly damage
Shafow2. Shadow Legion +2 second Shadow Legion duration
Soulthief2. Soul Reaver +7% Soul Reaver life siphon

Class Gear Ability Runes

Smash. Basic Attack +2.5% Basic Attack damage

Effect Runes

Air Slayer Air Slayer +10% Damage to Air creatures
Death Slayer Death Slayer +10% Damage to Death creatures
Earth Slayer Earth Slayer +10% Damage to Earth creatures
Fire Slayer Fire Slayer +10% Damage to Fire creatures
Ice Slayer Ice Slayer +10% Damage to Ice creatures
Life Slayer Life Slayer +10% Damage to Life creatures
Res. Air Resist Air +10% Resist Air
Res. Death Resist Death +10% Resist Death
Res. Earth Resist Earth +10% Resist Earth
Res. Fire Resist Fire +10% Resist Fire
Res. Ice Resist Ice +10% Resist Ice
Res. Life Resist Life +10% Resist Life
Atk. Speed Attack Speed +5% Attack Speed
Tenacity Tenacity +15% Tenacity
HP Bonus Health Bonus +15% Increased max HP
Rec. Bonus Recovery Bonus +10% Increased healing received
Crit. Chance Critical Chance +10% Critical Chance
Crit. Power Critical Power +10% Critical Power
Mend. Blow Mending Blow Restore Health on critical hit
Renew Renew Gain Heal over time on critical hit
Heavy Blow Heavy Blow Gain Heavy Blow on critical hit
Hemorrhage Hemorrhage Apply Hemorrhage on critical hit
Typhoon Typhoon Deal Air damage on critical hit
Deathdealer Deathdealer Deal Death damage on critical hit
Earthshaker Earthshaker Deal Earth damage on critical hit
Incinerate Incinerate Deal Fire damage on critical hit
Blizzard Blizzard Deal Ice damage on critical hit
Lifebane Lifebane Deal Life damage on critical hit